Waste Management

Embankment façade of Somerset House

Image courtesy of Marco Beck Peccoz
Mixed Recycling   This includes paper, cardboard, glass, cans and plastic bottles. Recycling bins in all resident kitchens and tea points are mixed recycling for the above items.  Please place only those items listed in these bins, as contaminated bags will go to general waste and Somerset House will incur an additional charge.  Note: paper towels should not be placed in mixed recycling bins, as they are contaminated waste. Recycling bins use green plastic bags only.

Cardboard   Small amounts of cardboard can be left with the mixed recycling bins in your office. Please flatten the boxes for easier disposal. For large amounts, please flatten boxes and arrange a collection through the IFM helpdesk (labour charges apply).  Alternatively, you can leave flattened cardboard boxes by the baling machine in the West Service Yard (Residents are never permitted to use the baling machine). Do not leave rubbish in the corridors, even if awaiting collection.  

Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges   Please drop used ink and Toner Cartridges to the Post Room for Recycling. The proceeds go to a cancer charity.


Batteries   Used batteries can be dropped into the container located in the South Wing 2nd Floor print room or dropped into the Post Room for recycling. 

Pallets   If your delivery comes on a pallet, please ask the driver to take the pallet back with them.  If this isn’t possible, please ensure it is stacked in the designated area in the west service yard.  Please ask the security team to show you where this is.  Please do not leave pallets lying around the site. 

WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)   WEEE waste must not be disposed of with General Waste, and can be identified by the WEEE symbol below.  This includes items such as computers, screens, printers, phones etc. Disposal of WEEE waste is charged separately.  Please contact the IFM helpdesk for a quotation.


Paint Tins   Empty paint tins are considered hazardous waste and must not be put with general waste or recycling.  Disposal of paint this is charged separately.  Please contact the IFM helpdesk for a quotation.


Furniture   Somerset House encourages residents to sell on unwanted furniture for others to use via the Residents’ Newsletter. Email newsletter@somersethouse.org.uk to submit and item. If you are unable to repurpose your furniture, please contact IFM to arrange for disposal.  Charges apply for labour and disposal.


General Waste   General waste is everything else which can’t be recycled. Kitchen paper towels should be placed in General Waste bins.


Housekeeping   Please don’t leave items out in the corridors for collection.  Make arrangements with IFM for collection directly from your office. 

Bulk Waste & Construction Materials   There is a cost associated with the disposal of Bulk Waste and Construction Materials which isn’t covered by your rent, service charge or membership fee.Please contact the IFM Helpdesk to arrange a quotation.