About Somerset House

People cross the Somerset House Strand Entrance which looks through to the sunlit courtyard

Image courtesy of Philip Vile


Where Art is Imagined, Created and Experienced.

For 250 years, Somerset House has played a central role in our society as a place where our culture and collective understanding of the world is shaped and defined.

In 2000, it began its reinvention as a cultural powerhouse for today, advancing a new generation of creative thinkers who are pushing intellectual and creative boundaries and shifting perceptions of our culture. We celebrate our heritage by looking to the future with renewed social purpose, creating unique and stimulating experiences for the public, bringing them into direct contact with ideas from the greatest artists, makers and thinkers of our time. Located at the geographical heart of London, we are uniquely placed to serve the capital, the country beyond and the wider world.

A registered charity, we operate an independent economic model where commercial and artistic imperatives comfortably co‐exist. At Somerset House, art is embedded within a wider community of creative enterprise, creating a pragmatic and viable vision for the arts and cultural centre of the 21st century.

We are home to the largest and most diverse collection of creative organisations, artists, makers and thinkers in London. Our community includes over 130 organisations from the arts and creative industries who have dedicated office space in the building. We also have a flexible, co-working space called the Exchange, and Studio spaces which provide a unique area for bold and pioneering artists to explore new ideas.

Somerset House seeks to be an inspirational creative community where contemporary culture is imagined, created and experienced.